Jesus, this year’s Oscars are as political as hell. If it isn’t skits getting spiked it’s producers getting locked out. Should The Hurt Locker win
the Best Picture Oscar this Sunday – a very likely occurrence –
producer Nicolas Chartier won’t be there to pick it up. He’s been
banned from the Oscars, due to a leaked email where he asked people to
vote for his little movie versus an unnamed $500 million movie.

it’s against the rules to campaign by disparaging other films – which
is pretty interesting, because that’s exactly what’s been happening to The Hurt Locker for
the last few weeks, with organized media campaigns aimed at undermining
the film by focusing on the idea that it has no POV, that the military
thinks it’s phony and now by leaking Chartier’s email, which apparently
only went out to friends.

Should The Hurt Locker win
Chartier will be given a statue, but he’ll be watching the ceremony
itself from home, aware that the only people allowed to play dirty
Oscar pool are the Weinsteins and $500 million movies.

via The Hollywood Reporter