Ever wanted to go to a film festival but were concerned that you might end up sitting through a movie where one human does not destroy another human? Action Fest has you covered! The world’s only film festival devoted to bone crunching, spleen smashing action movies, the fest debuts this year in Asheville North Carolina. And it’s debuting in style.

Action Fest will be giving a lifetime achievement award to none other than Chuck Norris, one of the legends of action films. And if that’s not enough to get you booking travel to Asheville, the fest will also premiere Neill Marshall’s new Roman soldiers movie Centurion, whose latest trailers look fucking awesome.

Action Fest runs April 15-18; each screening costs 10 bucks and a pass for the whole fest is a measly 100 dollars. Action Fest comes to you from the fine folks at Magnolia (ie, the people releasing Centurion through their Magnet label) and Aaron Norris, action movie director, producer and brother to Chuck.

From the press release!

“A festival like this one is long overdue,” said co-founder Aaron Norris. “ActionFest will cover the full gamut of what defines the genre and will pay appropriate respect to the artists who create great action films: the actors, directors, producers, stuntmen, stunt coordinators, and fight choreographers.”

“Aaron and I are very pleased to bring ActionFest to life,” said co-founder Bill Banowsky. “The festival will benefit Asheville, it will benefit fans of the genre, and most importantly, it will benefit worthy causes like Kickstart Kids. And who better for the world’s first action-oriented festival to honor than the iconic Chuck Norris, whose presence at this year’s festival will ensure its success.”

Click here to visit Action Fest’s website and get more info. Look for a full line-up of films – including more premieres and classics – on March 22nd. And quite possibly look for my face in North Carolina that week – I’m hoping to be able to attend this one.