(SPOILERS for Wanted / Wanted 2.)

Well, I wouldn’t have minded, FYI…

Anyway, Comingsoon.net, via STV, reports word that even though Angelina Jolie had recently dropped out of the planned sequel to Wanted, and that Universal was reportedly reluctant to go forward with a sequel without her (from New York Magazine’s Vulture), creator Mark Millar recently stated that he believes the sequel will go ahead.  Not sure what kind of device (probably flashbacks) they would have used to ensure a return by Jolie’s Fox, who stylishly drilled herself another cranial orifice in the original. 

Millar commented that more than likely, there would be some “plot modifications” that would introduce a new character rather than bringing back some of the no-longer-alive ones.  He also states that he’s optimistic
they can figure out a cool way to work around the latest roadblock. As
he says at the end, “it changes every day” and there’s a chance that
Universal haven’t quite decided what to do as of yet or whether a
sequel would work without Jolie.

Hopefully they’ll at least have more ridiculously obvious Post-It Xs lying about.

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