There have been two test screenings and a number of private screenings of Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World, an adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s brilliant comic series, and the word seems to be unanimous: this movie is great. In fact, it’s looking more and more like Wright hasn’t just done O’Malley’s books justice, he’s nailed them, making the best film of his career.

From what I understand one of the ways that Wright really gets the movie right is that he incorporates all elements of modern culture – not just comics and video games and movies, but also music. In fact, music is very important in the movie, as the film follows not just Scott Pilgrim but his band, Sex Bob-omb. While Scott’s band is still trying to get a leg up in the world, one of his exes fronts her own group, which has shot to stardom. That band is The Clash at Demonhead, and their music in the film will be provided by none other than Metric. Now you can hear Metric’s Clash at Demonhead song on their Facebook page. The song is Black Sheep, and it’s pretty damn good. I bet it kills when used in context in the movie.

Click here to listen. You have to become a fan of the band first!