I really hope the Broken Lizard boys’ The Slammin’ Salmon is good. None of the trailers have worked for me, which is fine considering that they didn’t really work for me with Super Troopers, Club Dread (which has become my favorite movie of theirs), and Beerfest.

It got a seriously limited theatrical release and as a result very few folks who comprise the Broken Lizard fan base had a chance to see it. Today, the BL gang informed the world that April 13th will see the film hit home video.

Good. I’m more skeptical of this film than any of their other ones, but I’m buying it anyway. Their films have a habit of sticking to ya in the sweetest way possible. And yes, I am fully aware that part of the appeal is if you accept a little sophomoric humor and filmmaking from time to time.

And people that have been giving me shit about my fun little If CHUD Ran the Movies posters should look to the right. Someone got PAID for that!

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