Film Weekend Per Total
1 Shutter Island $22,200,000 (-45.9%) $7,393 $75,076,000
2 Cop Out $18,565,000 $5,894 $18,565,000
3 The Crazies $16,521,000 $6,672 $16,521,000
4 Avatar $14,000,000 (-13.8%) $5,700 $706,904,000
5 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief $9,800,000 (-35.8%) $2,968 $71,214,000
6 Valentine’s Day $9,505,000 (-43.0%) $2,657 $100,358,000
7 Dear John $5,000,000 (-29.9%) $1,663 $72,624,000
8 The Wolfman $4,123,000 (-58.3%) $1,355 $57,244,000
9 Tooth Fairy $3,450,000 (-20.8%) $1,534 $53,866,000
10 Crazy Heart $2,540,000 (-14.3%) $2,213 $25,087,000

This just in: More Bounce.

Isn’t it good to see Martin Scorsese topping the box office two weeks in a row? Though I wasn’t a fan of the film, Shutter Island could have behaved like a horror film and fell off more than 50% this weekend. Instead it held fairly strong and could get close to The Departed‘s $132 Million total. It’ll get over $100 at this point, the question is where does it stop? The answer: nobody knows. No one. No one ever could figure this out. I keep going to scientists, politicians, and film director Jack Sholder and their answers are meaningless. But $110-$120 would be my guestimation.

Kevin Smith makes cheap movies, and that will be the saving grace for Cop Out. Though the film has opened bigger than any film he’s done previously, this is also his most expensive film at $37 Million. And as such, if the film gets to $50, it will be his most successful movie, but that would not suggest profitable if the international is weak (Willis could bring them in). The thing that is guaranteed to take the film into profit is the Kevin Smith DVD army. I imagine the blu-ray will come with a commentary and some making of stuff as per the norm, and even though DVD sales have fallen off, Smith’s fans are completists. This opening does not suggest that Tracy Morgan is going to cross over into cinema, though, and it comes across as a modest win, but nothing to really build on. Unless something goes horribly wrong next weekend, it shouldn’t have a problem finally breaking Smith’s $30 Million ceiling, and no one’s embarrassed about this business. Smith will work, but this does not suggest he gets more creative freedom. It suggests that Bruce Willis is still a movie star, and can open a picture.

The Crazies cost less, and had a stronger per screen, though, and I thought it was a solid piece of studio horror. Coming in at a $20 Million budget, the film shouldn’t have a problem getting to $40 Million, which is a good performance for a small horror movie. That’s a perfect first quarter sort of success. Of course the bigger news is that Avatar crossed $700 Million this weekend, and should get to $750 Million or so.


There are now plans to put in a shit ton of 3-D screens in the near future, so we’re pretty much stuck with more and more 3-D films. But it’s going to be a tough sell if films can’t capture the Avatar magic. Next week will be interesting because Alice in Wonderland should open strongly and then die. Also, the Oscars will happen. Also, I will get older. And so will we all.