How is the Taylor Lautner thing happening? I get that there’s this base of girls who dig the kid, but has anyone in Hollywood seen him in the Twilight films? He’s useless. In the old days, before Hollywood lost its fucking mind, he would have been shunted off to some TV series to possibly rise like the unshaped dough he is into an actor with at least the bare minimal charisma to take over the Marine franchise from John Cena. Instead he’s being treated like an actual movie star, and getting lead roles.

So many lead roles, in fact, that he’s now forced to drop some of them. First out: Max Steel, the toy movie that sounds like a porn movie. He’ll instead focus solely on Stretch Armstrong, the toy movie that sounds like a porn movie.

According to Vulture Lautner’s reps made the decision because Hasbro was moving their project ahead faster than Mattel.

I am reporting a news story about Twilight‘s Wolfboy choosing between movies from Hasbro and Mattel. UGH.

And so you have it. That’s one less Taylor Lautner movie for you  to not see and one less Taylor Lautner movie to clog up the bottom half of IMDB’s Worst list.