Did you play the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo? Chances are you did. The demo broke all kinds of records for EA, getting more than three million downloads and hosting thousands of games. I haven’t played a demo as much as this one in a while- the game is simply incredibly fun with a good team, and leagues better than the already fantastic multiplayer from the first Bad Company. They took the demo servers offline yesterday in anticipation of the game’s release next week, though.

Now EA’s announced that we’re getting a ton of goodness come launch day. While the game will come with eight multiplayer maps straight out of the box, they’re announced plans to have two more maps available for download for free! It will contain the Laguna Alta Conquest map and a Nelson Bay Rush map. For those unaware, Conquest mode is the classic Battlefield mode where you have to capture and hold control points, till you’ve taken them all and whittled away the enemy forces. Rush mode is similar to Bad Company‘s Gold Rush, where you have to advance and destroy two points, forcing the defending team to retreat to the next point till there’s no where to go.

So ten maps from day one, but wait- DICE isn’t done dishing out the goodness just yet. They’re also releasing yet another free map pack later on in March that will open up two new modes on two maps- Arica Harbor in Conquest mode and Laguna Presa in Rush mode.

“Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will redefine online modern warfare on March 2. We are deeply committed to the FPS community and Battlefield fans worldwide,” said Patrick Bach, Senior Producer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. “These first two map packs are just the beginning. We’re planning ongoing support for the community by always keeping the experience fresh and ensuring the best possible gameplay experience.”

Next week, people. See you on the Battlefield.