I had the ability to chat with Breck Eisner, the director of this weekend’s The Crazies starring Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker, and Glenn Morshower. Having not seen the film, I didn’t want to get into specifics I know nothing about. I am in love with the remake’s trailer and leading actor, and am extremely jazzed to see it and having spoken to the man he seems to be serious about the genre and his place in it. Click the links below to hear our chat.

1. Greetings.

2. Why The Crazies is ripe for a remake.

3. The pace and tone of the movie and how they’re selling it.

4. The delightful Tim Olyphant.

5. Breck’s approach to horror and the genre films which inspire him.

6. How hard of an ‘R’ is The Crazies?