OK, now really, come on.  It’s getting beyond a little crowded in the DeLorean-verse.  Last year, I did not one but two articles on John DeLorean biopics that were in the works, here and here.  Now THR.com has word that there’s a fourth competing bio planned, this one with the official sanction of DeLorean’s only daughter, Katherine Delorean: Nine/8 Entertainment, Evolution Entertainment and CAA
agent-turned-producer Michael Menchel are moving forward with the
development of a feature about the life of carmaker John DeLorean.
Thomas Fenton, who is repped by APA and Evolution, wrote the
screenplay.  Andrew Trapani and Brian Gilbert of Nine/8 are producing along with
Andrew Wilson and Stephen Gates of Evolution. Menchel will serve as
an executive producer on behalf of his Relevant Entertainment

Speaking on the pending need for valet parking on this concept, Katherine DeLorean said, “Other producers have asked me to back their projects on behalf of
the DeLorean estate.  We felt this was the
team to tell the right story the right way. This is the definitive
John DeLorean movie. We wanted to ensure my father’s story was
handled properly; the headlines do not begin to tell the

Whatever. I’m sure that one, perhaps two actual films will emerge from this Delorescrum.  I just hop that no one else has the bright idea to come up with their take on his life story.  I’m running out of interesting black and white photos to use in these stories.

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