After multiple delays and hardly a peep from Obsidian Entertainment, it’s probable that you’ve already forgotten about Alpha Protocol, the upcoming “Espionage RPG” from the developers of KOTOR II, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. Let’s rekindle some lost interest with a new trailer, featuring plenty of gunplay and what looks like a showdown between two of the game’s key characters:

Alongside the fighting, it’s clear that we’ll also be getting tons of dialogue via the game’s Dialogue Stance System, which lets the player decide between a Jack Bauer response (Renegade), a Jason Bourne response (Paragon), or a James Bond response (Morrigan/Horny). Sounds familiar.

Protocol’s Bauer/Bond/Bourne doesn’t deliver the “I’m going to kill you” line quite as good as Arnie, but it’ll do for now. Expect it to garrote your free time on June 1st.