The discussion from my recent article on Grandia (which hits today, whenever that damn PSN store decides to update) has me pining for the JRPGs of old. No matter how we all grew up and moved on and become much more interested in Western-style RPGS, the old ones had something special. Lunar: The Silver Star, for instance, which was one of the few reasons to own a Sega CD. While the story is the usual “young kid fights off the forces of darkness to save the world” drivel, the game had a really fantastic translation for once, bolstered by impressive graphics and sound.

The game’s been remade a bunch of times, first for Saturn and Playstation, and now it’s coming to PSP.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
is a complete remake of the game, which now features new isometric graphics, a new hand-drawn art style, a talking lead character (which could be a bad thing…), new music and a longer story. As usual it’s hitting with a limited version that comes with a soundtrack cd and other goodies. It sure looks pretty.

XSeed just sent over the latest trailer that shows off some of the improvements to the game.

WARNING! Cutesy anime characters, annoying yappy sidekick creatures and j-poppy music included. Not for the faint of heart.

The game hits March 2nd, with a downloadable version hitting the PSN on the 4th. Looks like we’ll have plenty of old school gaming to catch up with over the next couple of weeks…