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02/25 – You can glove your pets, just don’t GLOVE your pets…

Photo by Steve Murphy.

A product like this has serious merit. Pet hair is one of the banes of my existence.

That said, overcompensating pet owners are among the lowest of the low. I wonder how many good people have been hurt or killed in a car accident because some asshole with a pug on their lap wasn’t paying attention to road signs. There are so many damn pet products out there catering to folks who treat their pets like little pieces of Jesus Christ hisself. This isn’t one of the serious offenders but it loses points for the cute name and the fact that you have to look like a crayfish as you de-fur your beloved.

The Love Glove. Perfect for grooming Mr. Sharpie the Poodle or giving Rabbi Theopolis the Mastiff sixteen inches of colon cleanse.