On The Beatles’ last album Let It Be, there’s a 51 second track called “Dig It” (you can listen right here), and it starts with John Lennon signing the line “like a rolling stone”. It occurred to me how cool it would be to hear him sing the great Bob Dylan song of the same name. However, considering this never happened and never will because he was killed in December 1980, we’ll never get this.

This got me thinking how amazing it would be to hear different musicians covering the music of their contemporaries. Sure we get this to an extent, but I’m more talking about legendary artists covering legendary songs. In a day and age where Lil Wayne can be…around, music is kind of in a rut, at least in my opinion. I would like more original, good content out there, but why not get some of our living legends like a Bob Dylan, not making a Christmas album (go look up “Must be Santa Claus” on YouTube after clicking on the link above. Not good.), but in the meantime, maybe going back to the well, albeit not their own, can provide some new creative inspiration. Or we could wait for Lil Wayne’s new album this year. Your pick.