About a month ago Latino Review broke the scoop that Mickey Rourke was in consideration to play the father of Conan in the new Marcus Nispel-directed Conan the Barbarian. Now the Heat Vision Blog has confirmed this and says that despite a few bumps in the road, Rourke is in negotiations to take the role.

Also coming to Conan: a new script. Which is great news, since the latest one was a piece of shit. What will change now is anybody’s guess, but Superherohype has learned that Sean Hood has been brought on to give the script one last once over before the production heads to Bulgaria and they rewrite the movie page by page on set (come on, that’s just how it happens these days). Hood has a bunch of horror credits under his belt, including Halloween Resurrection and Sick Girl, the Lucky McKee episode of Masters of Horror. There’s nothing on Hood’s resume that cries out greatness, but then again this is a Conan movie directed by Marcus Nispel and starring the dreadlock dude from Stargate Whatever, so the writer of The Crow: Wicked Prayer is certainly in good company.

Hood probably got the job after writing a Hercules movie for Millenium, the Conan producers. Also likely helpful: Subterannean, a script he developed with Nispel.

Conan the Barbarian shoots on March 15th.