Rockstar games
are usually character-driven, and Red Dead Redemption looks to be no
exception. Most easily summed up to newcomers as GTA:
Wild West
but looking like so much more, if all goes well this
could be the western game we’ve all been waiting and hoping for. They’ve
just released this trailer that shows off the fairer sex in the game.


Shattering the myth of the demure, fragile women of the West,
this revealing and insightful video highlights these sinners, saints,
and survivors. Work for these women spans far from the homestead and
entangles them in the chaotic, unpredictable, and often brutal
environments of the early 20th century. Wielding weapons of destruction,
witness the women fight to reclaim the Wild West.

This is on top of last week’s trailer, The
Law, that shows off the crazy sheriffs and lawmakers of the world, and
the sometimes questionable tactics they have to employ in order to bring
justice to the people.


So yeah, the
game looks fantastic, and you can expect to read much more on this
before its release in April.