Charlie Sheen has taken a hiatus from his sitcom, Two and a Half Men, to enter rehab, according to  That’s disturbing news for fans of the erstwhile Bud Fox because we’re all painfully aware of the steps this actor has taken to pull himself up from the grips of some serious addictions.  “As a preventative measure, Charlie Sheen has entered a
rehabilitation facility,” said Stan Rosenfield. “He will take some
time off his series Two and a Half Men. He has asked that his
privacy be honored. No further statements are planned.”

This latest development continues a trend of recent setbacks for Sheen, who was arrested on Christmas Day on spousal abuse charges.  Ironically, his wife, Brooke Mueller, had also recently checked into rehab earlier this month.  Considering exactly what demon Sheen is looking to (re)kick, he has a ton to lose, as Two and a Half Men is still strong in the ratings and Sheen is the highest paid actor on TV at more than $800k per episode.  The show was currently shooting episode 19 of a 24-episode season. 

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