You may have heard about Chat Roulette – it’s only the finest thing to hit the internet since that dancing baby, and it’s the most efficient way to see guys jerking off. Chat Roulette hooks you and your webcam up with a random stranger on the web and you can talk back and forth. Or you can quickly click away because 99% of the time the guy on the other end of the chat is just jerking it.

Chat Roulette has been getting very popular the last couple of weeks, which makes it a ripe target for the Jerkbeast, star of Jerkbeast, the very strange monster rock n’ roll movie which came out from Film Threat a couple of years back. The Jerkbeast himself has hit Chat Roulette and found the potential for comedy – and cock – is high.

Check out one of Jerkbeast’s chats below. He has many, many more archived at his YouTube page.