I’m assuming Red Riding Hood fucks the Wolf. That’s the only way that the Bros Grimm story Little Red Riding Hood could be remolded for the Twilight crowd – which is what Warner Bros is apparently trying to do.

According to the LA Times the studio is working on a movie called The Girl With the Red Riding Hood, described as an updated version of the classic fairy tale, and they’re doing it with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. Their Riding Hood? Amanda Seyfried, who was great in the maliciously maligned Jennifer’s Body.

Says the LA Times:

The story is an update of Little Red Riding Hood, with the requisite dark/dangerous/romantic elements that can appeal to “Twilight” fans — while also attracting audiences who simply like the fairy tale. (The script has gotten high marks from power players around town, who describe it as elevated genre material a la this weekend’s “Shutter Island.”)

I like Seyfried and I still believe Hardwicke showed early promise on films like Thirteen and The Lords of Dogtown, so I’m not against it. Especially if the script is any good. And when you boil it all down, wouldn’t the updated version of this be a girl falls in love with Jame Gumb/Ed Gein? I’m there!