As Marty & Co. celebrate a damn fine opening weekend for Shutter Island, the film’s leading man is already attaching himself to new projects. No rest for the thinly bearded.

The blacklisted script (that’s a good thing) for Prisoners is described as “Mystic River-meets-Taken” and is housed at Alcon Entertainment by Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. Leo, whose participation is apparently predicated on the producing partners snagging a worthwhile director, plays a “small-town carpenter” who pulls a Bryan Mills when a batch of girls, including his daughter, are kidnapped by unknown assholes.

So on the one hand you have a well-liked script associated with a good actor who requires the hiring of good talent behind the camera, and on the other hand you have the guys behind The Blind Side.

It’s fun watching actor after actor sign up for their own quickie, cut-and-dry-premise action flicks in the wake of Taken. Alcon believes Prisoners will stand out from the crowd though.

“In the 12 years we’ve run this company, this is the most interesting, morally complex thriller we’ve ever gotten, and we can’t wait to make the movie.”

Mike Fleming figures Leo will squeeze in another flick before this rolls, but expect some sort of announcement when they nail down someone to helm this bitch.

via Deadline Hollywood

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