While the currently available DLC for Borderlands has offered up entertaining side stories, the upcoming “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx” pack will continue the main story past the ending of the game..

Of course, considering how light the game was on story, it might as well be another mission pack. The ending of the game was as lackluster as you can get, the story only barely told to you throughout the game. We all know the game was all about finding as many lovely, lovely guns as you can find and shooting things in the head with them. Just more missions will sound good to anyone addicted to the game.

Like the other two DLC packs this one will offer a new area to explore, with brand new weapons and enemies- like ninjas. They’ve also raised the level cap even higher, and will finally offer up two new vehicles to mess around with. They will handle differently than the regular car and be especially useful, since this is a massive new environment. Fan favorite characters Scooter (“Get you some!”) and Moxie will also return.

Over on Gametrailers they’ve just released a few developer’s walkthroughs that shows off what you can expect. Check it out but skip it if you want to avoid spoilers, of course. No release date has been announced just yet.