I’m pretty sure the last time I saw Wall Street was in Boiler Room.  So, even figuring that in, it’s been a while.  Be that as it may, however, I did just catch the international trailer for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which is currently over at The Sun

This will mark one of the longer spans between franchise installments, and I hope it goes better than more recent long-awaited returns we’ve had.  But considering the events of the last two years on Wall Street, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate.  It seems that scandal is just as cyclical as fashion and music, which sucks, take it from a current homeowner.

Anyway, Mr. Douglas is a little (okay a lot) grayer, but the Gekko presence is still undeniably there.  I especially liked the cell phone gag to remind just how long it’s really been.  This time around, Shia is making with the young star du jour thing previously held down by Charlie in the first film.  I wonder if there’s a chance we’ll catch him in Hot Shots: Trifecta somewhere down the road.  Perhaps after Transformers 17?

If greed is good, it isn’t good in this instance, because the Sun was greedy with the embed code for the trailer, so you’ll have to click the picture to go over to the home page and check it out.  Man, that is so last decade.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opens in the US on April 23rd.

Thanks to Brian, CHUD’s official news day trader, for the tip. 

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