Around my house Jeremy Renner is known simply as The Hurt Locker. I suspect this nickname, taken from the vague meaning of the Oscar-nominated film’s title, is going to stick. We’ll be at a Coffee Bean and get all excited because The Hurt Locker is in front of us ordering a latte.

Anyway, The Hurt Locker could be changing his branch of service – Renner is in talks to become the star of Peter Berg’s Battleship. A couple of months ago I went along with Berg to visit the USS Sterrett, a naval Destroyer, and he revealed that lead character in his film doesn’t pilot a battleship but rather is the CO of a Destroyer, and he’ll have a team of five guys working with him. Renner would be that CO.

If he takes the role, that is. Renner is in big time talks for a top secret summer project that would conflict with Battleship. The rumor? It’s The First Avenger: Captain America, although that would go against all the casting rules director Joe Johnston has thrown out there. Still, Renner has been in touch with the Marvel guys, and while he’s a touch old he would make a terrific Cap.

via The Hollywood Reporter