The reboot craze has hit Hollywood so hard that you now must clarify that your sequel is, in fact, a plain old sequel and not a reboot, reimagining or other sort of restart of the franchise. Talking to the deeply inquisitive geniuses at MTV, new GI Joe 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick felt the need to explain that their film will be a direct sequel to the unfairly maligned first film.

“We can say that we will be faithful to the first film,” Reese explained of their plans for the sequel. “We will not be ignoring events from the first in the second.”

“It will be a sequel,” added Wernick. “It will be a continuation of ‘G.I. Joe’ [as it was established last summer].”

“It’s hard to think of it being any bigger; that was a big movie,” Reese said of any pressure to top the first film’s massive action sequences. “They blew up a lot of stuff. We hope for it to be as fun, that the characters really pop. We’ll be introducing some new characters.”

“We’re going out to Pawtucket, Rhode Island to the Hasbro headquarters next week,” Wernick said, explaining that the trip will help dictate who those new characters will be. “[We’ll] talk to the toy guys, take a tour of the facility, see all the old toys, the new toys and just get inspired.”

Guys, here’s my unsolicited advice: SPACE. Take GI Joe into space. Cobra has an orbital platform and Joe has to stop them from doing something terrible or other. Space!!!