A prequel novel, that is.

That’s according to Avatar producer Jon Landau, who told MTV that Cameron is writing a novel (his first!) that will lead us to the events of the film. What kind of important information will his scribblings reveal?

“It would be something that would lead up to telling the story of the movie, but it would go into much more depth about all the stories that we didn’t have time to deal with — like the schoolhouse and Sigourney [Weaver’s character] teaching at the schoolhouse; Jake on Earth and his backstory and how he came here; [the death of] Tommy, Jake’s brother; and Colonel Quaritch, how he ended up there and all that,” Landau explained.

Oh, the backstory that the film lacked. Got it.

[We] won’t have time to do [these stories] in the movie, or maybe in sequels,” Landau explained of what Cameron will be writing about. “[So the novel will] give a foundation for the world.

Makes sense. Why would you want a foundation for the world in the actual films?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d prefer to just see another big dumb action film rather than read about Sigourney Weaver teaching. Unless it’s some sort of Dangerous Na’vi story. The idea of a film taking place in the ruined and overpopulated Earth from Avatar could certainly be compelling, though.