Paul Feig and Judd Apatow made television magic together with Freaks & Geeks, but in the years since their paths have barely crossed. This has been especially a bummer since Apatow has morphed into one of the biggest names in Hollywood and Feig has not been quite able to make the transition to movies. Now that could all be changing as the two are back together, working on a film that will feature Kristen Wiig in a lead role.

The untitled film is set up for Feig to direct at Universal, and it’s written by Wiig. It’s about two women duking it out to be able to plan a friend’s wedding, and it could be a sign that Apatow is really expanding his brand to cover movies that aren’t about manchildren – which is either a way to guarantee staying power or to spread his name too thin.

Feig wasn’t the first choice and he came on when the film lost Flight of the Conchords director James Bobin signed on to the new Muppet movie. But whatever – I’m just glad that I’ll be seeing Feig and Apatow’s names together again.

via Hollywood Reporter