A package arrived this afternoon from Flynn Lives, PO Box 236 San Diego CA 92101. Inside was some packing paper and the little object I’m showing off above. A little object any child of the 80s will recognize as Bit from Tron. Bit was the binary program that aided Clu and friends, and it could communicate only by morphing into shapes that represented ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’ The shape above is Bit’s neutral configuration.

Written inside the lid of the box was /zerohour, which when added to the Flynn Lives website brings you here. It’s a countdown clock of some type, using Bit’s form to represent numbers. It’s counting down to a time next week, apparently – some speculate it’ll be when the Tron Legacy trailer is released online.

Does this mean Bit returns in Tron Legacy? Are we about to see our first real footage from the film? Is Disney going to keep creating cool promotional elements like this and the Alice in Wonderland book? Stay tuned to find out!