After a long and arduous journey, Perfect Dark is finally on its way to Xbox Live Arcade. Rare’s followup to Goldeneye wasn’t quite as good, but was still one of the best console shooters at the time, framerate issues and all. Not to mention how much damn money the game cost back then with the ram cart. The N64 game sure looks dated nowadays, but the fast and fun gameplay certainly will hold up.
Agent Joanna Dark hit the ground running in Perfect Dark, an epic tale of galactic conspiracies in 2023 America. Now this classic shooter comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade, rendered in greater definition and detail and sporting a silkier framerate than ever before. Fire up your Farsight and prepare for assignment—the Dark returns this winter.

1080p, 60 frames a second, with 8 player multiplayer. Nice. Microsoft announced  a  final release date today- March 17th. It will cost 800 points ($10). This is right before their much-ballyhooed Game Room (which looks to be the equivalant of ‘Microsoft Home’) hits on March 24th. It’s free but the arcade games cost money to play.

Along with that the excellent-looking Toy Soliders hits on March 3rd and the car-combat game Scrap Metal (no relation to Twisted) hits March 10th. Both of those games are 15 bucks each. Lot of new titles this March for the 360! If you go nuts and buy all of them Microsoft will give you five bucks back, but we’ll see from the trials if those last two are worth it.