Have you watched other Frankenstein movies and said to yourself  ‘This film does not feature enough scenes of the Monster teleporting.’? Dean Koontz felt the same way, which is why his Frankenstein Monster – called Deucalion – can teleport vast distances using an innate understanding of quantum physics.

Oh yes. It’s all in the Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Trilogy, aka A Strong Case Against Putting Things In the Public Domain. Set in modern New Orleans, Koontz’s books find Victor Frankenstein immortal and presenting himself to the world as Victor Helios, a real good dude. But some things never change, and old Vic is still meddling with the primal forces of nature. Two homicide detectives team up with the original Monster to put a stop to Vic’s latest schemes.

It’s so stupid it has to be a movie. Or a series of movies. Two veteran producers – including one of the guys behind Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes – are shepherding the project to the screen. They’re excited to give us not one movie but a whole series. And Koontz is cooperating – a fourth book is due soon.

via Variety