Luc Besson has discovered a new genre – numbered movies! He did District B-13 and the sequel District 13: Ultimatum (losing the B) and now he has Section 8 that he’s working on. Next up? Maybe Division 10 or Regiment 6 or Lot 49.

So Section 8: as per most Besson movies (he wrote and will produce this one) it has a killer concept. There’s a space station 50 miles above the Earth, and it houses 500 of the worst criminals in cryosleep. At least it did, until they all woke up. Like I said, killer concept. It will, of course, be in 3D.

The film, with a budget of just over 30 million dollars, will be directed by Irishmen Stephen St Leger and James Mather, who got attention with their short film Prey Alone (embedded below). There’s going to be a whole bunch of prep, as the film is FX heavy, and then it will shoot this summer. There’s already a Hollywood studio circling the English language film for domestic distrib.

Via Variety