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When I consider the ending of Pi,
I can’t help but wonder what it would have meant had Max
known the answer to the little girl’s math problem. As it is,
Max sitting in the tranquil park and not knowing the answer wraps up
the Icarian tale of scientific hubris with the clear message that peace
comes from satisfied diffidence. It is a theme beautifully and
poetically explored in The Fountain- it is less satisfying here.

I believe Pi
is a great film, but when put in such a starkly scientific and
mathematical context, I’m not as comfortable with the idea
that Nirvana only comes with the release of ambition and curiosity.
It’s easier to swallow when the futile pursuit is conquering
death, but Max’s goal of understanding more of the world
around us is less obviously self-defeating. I admit this does come down
to how you read the film, considering Max’s discoveries
border on the supernatural.

Max casually and dismissively known the answer to the math problem
though, this would have implied science/math is useful in the service
of magic and parlor tricks, rather than the pursuit of God. Cynical,
but I could’ve rolled with that.

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