funny how innocence taints one’s perception. As I dig through the
annals of lore I’m unearthing unfiltered, untouched, and
sometimes unrealistic bits of editorial content from this site that is
well into its second decade of existence. As as result, I’m sharing
these older articles warts and all from a past both fun and hard to
read at times whether due to the poor writing, pure love of film that
has since been hammered into submission, or pure oddball lunacy that I
sorta miss.

Either way, enjoy and realize that we’re fully aware how the years have affected the way we do our jobs around here.

Look forward to names like Dave Davis, Brian Koukol, Adam McAllister, and more to grace this section. Here’s the first batch.

Note: These are not new articles nor are they already on the site. These were lost to time and being reinserted into time thanks to an old hard drive I found.

Retro Movie Microscopes

Movie Microscope: Bless the Child

Retro Movie Reviews

Van Helsing
Reign of Fire
A Simple Plan
The Matrix Reloaded
Bubba Ho-Tep
Home Fries

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