Who knows, this could be the first Pixar film to out and out suck… but at least Toy Story 3 will have fucking LEGOs!

The toy bricks (which I’m on record as loving) have a subtle but pervasive presence in this new trailer, which gives us a good look at the dozens and dozens of toys that inhabit the gang’s new daycare center home. Obviously there is a batch of new toys that will be featured in some form or another as actual characters, but the environment is fleshed out with huge amounts of playthings, a surprising number of which look like Japanese novelty trinkets.

Beyond the new inclusion of LEGOs into the mix, I’m stupidly excited about the presence of several new dinosaurs, and a gelatinous octopus that already seems funnier (in basic design at least) than the obviously comparable BOB from Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Also, Totoro!

I’m amazed at how Pixar manages to step up their animation and design quality even when they aren’t leaping into some new exotic location. The vivid colors and textures, increasingly sophisticated lighting, and the sheer density of these frames indicate that this may be their best looking film yet, even if it does take place primarily in a daycare center.

I’m concerned with the tone of the trailer, which feels disconnected from the original films- the jokes feel “gaggier” than one would hope. The humor still hits a genuine note fortunately, and there is bound to be a bit of a tonal jump after 10 years. There is no denying the redundant feeling of the basic theme though, and LOTSO exudes a bit too much Prospector for my taste- I wouldn’t call this a sure thing yet.

If any creative team is going to get the benefit of the doubt though, it’s those at Pixar. This thing is gonna be huge.

The trailer can be found in many delicious P’s right here.

(thanks to the Brothers Brick blog for their keen eyes)

What’s that? Jessie and Prospector are trapped in the old abandoned MESSAGE BOARD and Prospector just lit a stick of dynamite thinking it was a candle and now they’re about to be blown to smithereens?