The film adaptation of the explosively-popular-in-Europe novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is edging its way towards the states and now has a couple of trailers to announce itself with. Devin profiled this as one of 30 Non-Mainstream films to be excited for, and now you can build said excitement with some actual footage!

The first is less of a trailer and more of a “Hey! Look at me! I exist” type teaser that doesn’t provide much beyond a logo and a vague date. The teaser does manage to cleverly build on the cliched super-zoom-into-a-microscopic-view-of-icky-human-parts that started with Fight Club and has been the bread-and-butter of CSI for ten years, so good on it for that.

The trailer proper is still more of a style piece, but runs concrete footage from the film that looks… moody and modern. There’s definitely a strong effort to establish that this movie really is a big deal, you insulated fucking Americans. They did shell out for the trailer announcer with extra gravel… they’re taking this shit seriously.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot solid info out there on the nature of the US release, other than it will be a platformer- meaning they’ll start small and beef up the screen count proportional to its success. For all of you people in real cities, expect this in a theater somewhere near you in March. Everyone else, expect the American remake near you in two or so years.

Again, the trailers are here.

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