If you’re of my generation, the generation that was young when Star Wars came out, you’ll likely remember the Boba Fett toy that never was. Before Empire Strikes Back even came out Kenner was offering a mail-in promotion: buy a bunch of Star Wars figures (like I needed an excuse to do that) and they’d send you a Boba Fett. A Boba Fett who launched a missile from his back.

The problem was that someone figured out that a toy that launched a missile was almost certain to blind somebody. And this was in the era of Jarts. Anyway, a couple of prototypes slipped into the wild, but a generation of kids were left wanting for a missile launching Boba Fett.

They’re left wanting no more. The following image comes from Toy Fair, via Rebelscum via the Twitter feed of Kyle Newman. This could be the first Star Wars toy I buy in almost a decade.