Film Weekend Per Total
1 Valentine’s Day $52,410,000 $14,300 $52,410,000
2 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief $31,100,000 $9,267 $31,100,000
3 The Wolfman $30,627,000 $9,506 $30,627,000
4 Avatar $22,000,000 (-3.7%) $8,194 $659,605,000
5 Dear John $15,300,000 (-49.8%) $5,143 $53,178,000
6 Tooth Fairy $5,600,000 (-15.5%) $2,038 $41,528,000
7 From Paris with Love $4,740,000 (-41.9%) $1,741 $15,850,000
8 Edge of Darkness $4,585,000 (-33.1%) $1,753 $36,069,000
9 Crazy Heart $4,000,000 (+12.1%) $3,980 $16,526,000
10 When in Rome $3,429,000 (-38.2%) $1,614 $26,027,000

This just in: Stanley Kubrick called Albert Brooks’s Modern Romance a masterpiece. Dare you argue with Kubrick?

Often holiday films are released a couple weeks before the actual holiday, so it gets an opening weekend, and then the holiday bump. Think The Grinch, or The Polar Express. But I guess that holiday season is exactly that: a season. And Valentine’s Day isn’t so much a holiday as that. So I can understand why Warners did what they did and it worked like gangbusters. With a $50 million plus weekend, they should be at $60 tomorrow-ish, and that means it’ll be hard for them not to make $100 million, which is a big win for this Yellow Rolls Royce of a movie. I still think that Percy Jackson will probably outgross in total V-Day at the end of the day, because it isn’t attached to a specific holiday, and next weekend should see a sharp decline for this weekend winner.

Both Percy and The Wolfman did around $30, may do $40 at the end of the four day. Percy should hit around $100 Million domestic (it’s no Jumper), which means that if it does well enough internationally, there could actually be a sequel. How awesome would it be if there was a Son of Wolfman film? Or a Curse of Wolfman? I could be down for that. Alas, no. Though The Wolfman opening is not disastrous, like V-Day, it’s going to struggle to double its opening weekend.

Dear John was an opening weekend picture. Failing 50% suggests nothing good. That’s like a horror film dropping more than 60%. Romances tend to have legs, but perhaps V-Day kneecapped it. Avatar is at $660, so by the end of the week,it should be over $670, which means next weekend, it’ll be over $685. It also only dropped 4%, which is partly because of the holiday. $700 before Alice, after that, we shall see. I think $750 might be the finishing realm. I also know some people who think it will win best picture still, and I think that’s all ’bout the actors.

Crazy Heart is enjoying its nominations, and is doing solid business. Everything else out right now is like that guy at the end of Blue Velvet, bullet in the brain, dead to the world, but still standing.

Next week we get Scorsese.