It’s been four years since Michael and Kimmy were married, and Michael (played by Dolph Lundgren) has been involved in a near fatal car accident while travelling through the deep South covering minor league baseball action.

In a rush of panic, Kimmy (Dolph Lundgren) flies down to be with her dying husband. Upon her arrival, Kimmy (Dolph Lundgren) is met at the airport by Julian (Dolph Lundgren), Michael’s (Dolph Lundgren’s) old college sweetheart and best friend. It appears that Michael (Dolph Lundgren) had awoken from his semi-comatose state to ask his physician (in a cameo played by Dolph Lundgren) to send for his friend. Initially, Kimmy (Dolph Lundgren) is somewhat jealous, and begins to worry (once again) that Michael’s (Dolph Lundgren’s) true feelings are still with Julian ( Dolph Lundgren).

Upon arrival at the hospital the two women are rushed up to the hospital’s trauma ward (Dolph Lundgren) where they hope to find still alive Michael (Dolph Lundgren). Unfortunately for the two, he is beyond hope and in his dying breaths (played by Dolph Lundgren) to the two women he (Dolph Lundgren) asks that they both remain friends for his (Dolph Lundgren’s) sake and love each other. Sensing the women’s distress, the duty priest of the trauma ward, the stoic kind Father Mundy (Dolph Lundgren), consoles the two women and tells them that if they ever loved Michael (Dolph Lundgren) they would abide by his last wish (Dolph Lundgren).

Months pass and in time the two women become lesbian lovers. The two appear happy (played by Dolph Lundgren) at first and come to truly love one another. Despite the protests of many of Kim’s family members (all of which are played by Dolph Lundgren) the two decide, under the guidance of George (Dolph Lundgren), to get married. Yet, problems develop when Kimmy (Dolph Lundgren) decides that her family’s money is too important to risk being cut off from by marring Julian (Dolph Lundgren). Turning to her old friend George (Dolph Lundgren) for help, Julian seems only steps away from complete despair (played by Dolph Lundgren).

In an amazing turn of events, George (Dolph Lundgren) once again pulls through for his old friend and manages to arrange a chance encounter that he is sure will save Julian (Dolph Lundgren) from a life of solitude. In the film’s climactic moments we see Julian (Dolph Lundgren) reunite in sheer happiness with her long lost love, actor Dolph Lundgren (played by Gary Oldman).