Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall, Paul Gleason, Emilio Estevez, John Kapelos, Jonathan Lipnicki, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, Omar Epps, Lou Diamond Phillips, Anthony Quinn


Written and directed by John Hughes


It is many years after that fateful day in detention. Time has erased the bond they shared, but they are reunited at their class’s 15th reunion.

Allison Puntuss (Sheedy) is an avant garde designer of children’s bondage wear whose husband, Hamous (Quinn) abuses her nightly with wet towels and molten lava. Her pain is soon eased by the appearance of single father Andrew Clarke (Estevez). He and his son (Lipnicki) amaze and entertain her with tales of their time spent in a Malaysian prison, and soon they have fallen for each other, resulting in a comical subplot where they elude her abusive husband by hiding 15 miles beneath the Earth’s crust.

Meanwhile, reclusive billionaire Brian Johnson (Hall) and his army of hired assassins methodically maim the many who made fun of the man during his high school years. Moments before killing former janitor (Kapelos) Carl, Brian delivers a Shakespearian monologue about the life cycle of mealworms. He punctuates this powerful performance by stabbing the former custodian in the windpipe with a Tusken Raider action figure.

John Bender (Nelson) and Claire Standish (Ringwald) are tucked away in a corner getting drunk on Peppermint Shnapps, when they are attacked by several slabs of raw meat. In a thrilling action sequence, they defeat the tenderloins by changing the sell date on their wrappings, and thus rendering them unfresh. Soon after, actors Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe (Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe) come over from next door (The Platoon reunion party) looking for the meat.

Richard Vernon (Gleason) is still a hard ass, but his disdain for the new principal (Epps) escalates to a fistfight. It is here that we discover that Vernon is a poor fighter, leading Bender to go into denial for not fighting the disciplinarian during detention when provoked. He deals with sadness by channelling the spirit of the Navajo Indian (Phillips).

While lacking the melting pot fun of the original, the sequel adds a soundtrack of 80’s remixes and intercuts the film with scenes of hardcore sex. The film ends with the characters walking towards the camera and they freeze while the credits roll. It is revealed over the course of the credits that they were actually frozen by alien invaders, who take the group into deep space to be harvested.

The credits end with the tagline: COMING SOON…The Breakfast Club 3-This Time it’s Personal