We don’t cover a ton of Disney stuff here at CHUD, but that’s probably going to be changing in the coming months and years. The new focus at Disney is boys, which means lots and lots of geeky and action-oriented properties are coming to the forefront. From Tron Legacy to John Carter of Mars and a whole bunch of stuff in between (including the new ownership of Marvel), Disney is fast becoming the geek studio.

Latest update: their version of The Lone Ranger is back on the fast track, it seems, and it has a brand new writer. One you might now expect: Revolutionary Road adapter Justin Haythe. Haythe was actually already working at Disney, writing the now-scrapped 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea movie.

Johnny Depp, the apparent raison d’etre of Alice in Wonderland, will be playing Tonto. It’s going to be weird that Depp will get billing way, way above whoever plays the Lone Ranger. It makes you wonder how this version is going to be set up – will it really be Tonto’s story?

via Heat Vision