In addition to revealing a late August 2010 release date for Dead Rising 2, X10 also gave us a bunch of new screens and info for Capcom’s upcoming casino zombie slaughterhouse:

I’m pretty sure that last one’s a screenshot from Playstation Home.

People anxious to visit Fortune City’s undead hellscape won’t have to wait until August to step into the shoes of new protagonist Chuck Greene. Prior to the game’s release, Capcom will unleash Dead Rising 2: Case Zero as Xbox Live DLC. Case Zero follows Chuck Greene prior to the events of Dead Rising: 2, and serves as a bridge between the sequel and the original game. The DLC moniker suggests that it’s pay content, but there’s no word yet on how much it might cost.

X10’s Dead Rising 2 coverage also touted the game’s weapon combos. Alongside the fearsome looking but highly improbable knife gloves shown above, you’ll also be able to construct a high efficiency zombie cattle prod by joining a garden rake with a car battery. Since we’ve already seen moose helmets, paddle chainsaws, and portamowers, Chuck Greene will probably spend a lot of time hoarding Duct Tape.

Dead Rising 2 arrives in North America on August 31st, and everywhere else the following week.