One of the biggest bits of news to hit from Microsoft’s X10 event was the announcement of new DLC for Left 4 Dead 2.

Coming March you’ll be able to download a new campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 called The Passing, which will be a three map campaign set between Dead Center and Dark Carnival. I guess you make a pitstop with the car somewhere. The big news? It will include appearances from the original cast of Left 4 Dead but they’re not saying how just yet…

The DLC will also feature a brand new gun, a disposable machinegun that will absolutely shred apart crowds but can’t be reloaded. After you finish the 150 round clip, you’ll just throw it aside. There will also be a new uncommon zombie that are much different than the other zombies- these used to be people who thought they were immune to the zombie plague and were carrying around health packs and ammo (just like you… hmm), meaning that if you kill them they’ll drop goodies. The difference here is that they’ll scamper away from you when spotted. Nice to think we’ll actually have to hunt some zombies down this time.

Along with this DLC pack there will also be another pack for the original Left 4 Dead! Sometime in April we’ll get our hands on the currently untitled DLC, which tells the story of how the original survivors meet up with the Left 4 Dead 2 crew.

Gotta love the way they’re trying to tie all the stories together, but next time can we just have a complete story from the get-go? No word on price for either PC or 360 packs just yet.