I’m trying to finish a half dozen articles right now but the drums keep pounding in my head. They don’t stop… banging over and over, in 4/4 time….

good thing about my 360 breaking down and being sent to Texas was that
I got to recconect with all of my lesser systems, the ones I had good
times with but sadly, as of late, have not had their chance to shine.

I’m playing Final Fantasy X on
the PS2 for the first time (yeah, just a tad bit late with that one),
finished up everything I could on the Wii, and have been doing a ton of
gaming on my handhelds. And of everything, friggin’ Patapon is stuck in my head.


Such a simple game, such an addictive one, and each time I put it down the drums keep pounding, beckoning me like King Kong to a nubile blonde women.
Damn good game.