I dig Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s work, almost exclusively from having seen him as John Winchester on Supernatural, and his early work (not that soul-crushingly bad “Head Denny” shit recently) as Denny Duquette on Grey’s Anatomy.  And as good as the Winchester fest is (and it’s really good), it was even better when Morgan was a recurring character on the show.  I sincerely hope he makes a return to it at some point before it goes off the air.  Also looking forward to seeing him in The Losers and Red Dawn.

So I’m glad that he continues to keep projects on his plate, as he has recently by signing onto The Unblinking Eye for director Michael Bassett.  The project, also written by Bassett finds homicide detective John
Callisto (Morgan), now a retired recluse after being nearly
murdered by a serial killer, is tracked down by a relentless
journalist. As the two confront each other, dark secrets from both
their pasts come to light. Juliusz Kossakowski and Kevan
Van Thompson will produce through their Wind Fish Motion Pictures
Production starts in May.

In the meantime, Morgan also has The Resident, with Hilary Swank, and Mikael Hafstrom’s Shanghai upcoming.

via THR.com

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