The planned Dune remake, which has been folding space to nowhere for quite some time now has just gotten a new writer.  Chase Palmer, who is currently working on his film, Number 13, with Ben Kingsley and Emily Mortimer, will be adapting new director Pierre Morel’s material in Josh Zetumer’s original screenplay, according to THR.comPalmer also has worked on the screenplays for No Blood, No Guts,
No Glory
for Kevin Misher at Paramount and The Dallas Buyer’s Club at

So what exactly does this mean for the project?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I know pretty much nothing about Palmer’s capabilities nor any of the work he’s done to date.  He seems to be getting his foothold in Hollywood and this will only raise his stock…if he can make Frank Herbert’s notoriously difficult-to-adapt material work.  Morel dazzled with Taken, but has already seemed to stumble with his From Paris With Love follow up.  The sand worms are even less forgiving than bad Travolta vehicles.

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