’s Robert Sanchez has long been threatening to make a movie about the world of online journalists, and now he’s making good on it with Journies, a film that will star model/actress/all-around-cool-geek-girl Jaime King. The film’s a romcom about an aspiring web journo (seriously, all it takes these days is a URL and an ill-informed opinion) whose interview with a rising young star turns into a date. The movie is being written and directed by Grant Boucher, who comes from an FX and video game writing background.

Producer Sanchez describes the movie as Notting Hill meets Entourage (which is exactly how he described another of his projects, War Monkeys. Weird), and he’s aiming the film at the ‘younger Comic Con crowd.’ Fanboys director (and Mr. Jaime King) Kyle Newman is also on board to produce.

You can guarantee that this sucker will be filled with cameos. I just hope that if I get into the movie I have a chance to say ‘Paging Mr. Faraci. Mr. Faraci, you have a call at the front desk.’