UGO just recently got the first look at the new live action/CGI Smurfs movie that’s in development, and today they’ve used their insane Smurf-hunting skills to find out who will provide the voice for Papa Smurf. It will be none other than Jonathan Winters.

Most of you are probably scratching your head over that (or are confused because you didn’t know he was still alive), but the 84-year old actor seems to be the perfect choice for the character. If you’ve never seen his work in one of the greatest ensemble comedies of all time, It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, get on that ASAP. He also used to be a regular on Carson and appeared on Mork and Mindy, and really is considered a legend in the comedy world.

He’s got a thoughtful, methodical voice that really will be perfect for the role, and it helps that he’s really a funny motherfucker… although from what I remember from The Smurfs (not much, admittedly) Papa Smurf was more of a straight man.
Very interesting casting choice for the film, that’s for sure. More as we hear it!