Two original masks from the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars. It’s a shitty picture, but that’s Lak Sivrak, the wolf dude, on the left. You know, from back when he wasn’t horrible CGI.

More Cantina fun!

A miserable picture of Cantina alien masks.

Commando Cody from Radar Men from the Moon hangs over Bob’s chair.

Flash Gordon’s tunic from the serials. On the left is Captain Dallas’ shirt from Alien. Look for LOTS more Alien and Aliens stuff in the next installment.

I meet the American Werewolf in London.

The original masks of the Nazi Nightmare Monsters from American Werewolf.

I’m not sure if this bust was for a concept design or what…

I’m changing! That hand is an American Werewolf transformation hand. It’s that dark because it was repainted to be used in Thriller.

Werewolf appliances.

The full body change suit, when David is changing in Alex’s living room and flops over on his back! The top half of David Naughton stuck out of the floor, and movie magic made it look like this was the rest of him.

There’s a ton more to come. Next time it’s Alien, Aliens and Terminator 2!