There was an article in Variety today about how there’s going to be neither pomp nor circumstance in The Jay Leno Show’s
final appearance in primetime tonight before the Olympics hiatus
leading up to Leno’s return to late night on March 1st. 
That’s not surprising.  Nor is word that NBC has already
pulled any reference of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien from their main site and also Hulu.  And FYI, in case you were wondering, Leno’s final show will feature Ashton Kutcher and Gabourey Sidibe, as well as a “10 at 10″ Q&A
with Bob Costas, via satellite from the Peacock’s Winter Olympics hub
in Vancouver.

is noteworthy is that there’s still Conan merch to be had at their NBC
Universal online store – and at 20% off!  I think it would be
hilarious if there was a run on the last pallets of Conan stuff by Team
Conan who then either stood in line for Leno’s return show come March
or if they actually managed to get in to the audience and wear
them.  It surprises me because I though that any article of
clothing with Tonight Show
and Conan on the same logo would have been torched in an NBC bonfire or
shipped off to a third world country to be used for diapers or
something.  Is Conan even getting any of the scratch from that
stuff still?

that the Super Bowl just came and went, I thought that all of that swag
would end up in the same place that the Colts Super Bowl XLIV Champions
stuff is certain to go.  I actually wouldn’t mind one of those
t-shirts by the way.

you feel so inclined, click on the picture to get your Conan keepsake
while they last.  And if you ever make it to Burbank, make
sure to wear it with pride.

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