Louis C.K. is the best comedian in the world right now. Carlin’s dead, Stanhope’s a little too abrasive, and there’s too many almost-great guys out there trying to be Hedberg or Chappelle and forgetting how starved we always are for great comedians. We live in a world where Jeff Dunham and Dane Cook are household names and Louis C.K. is some guy folks think wrote ‘Party Hard’.

His Lucky Louie was a fun but really small show but he’s back with a new show on FX called Louie and they sent a teaser clip for us. My browser kept getting crashed by it, so there’s a text link at the bottom of this article.

Before you click that bit of oddball comedy, watch this proper video teasing the show. It’s amazing and features Bobby Cannavale’s best work since The Station Agent. It’s almost like an Aristocrats joke.

Enjoy, and look for Louie on FX starting April 1st.