I’m sure many of you are hoping, like I am, that James Cameron won’t pull a post-Titanic hiatus again and fly off to Pandora to film a couple of documentaries on the area like he did with Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep in lieu of doing his next major theatrical blockbuster.  Luckily, Pandora isn’t a real place, so there’s that in our favor.  But with Cameron, you know that he’d find some way to pull it off if he really did want to go there with some cameras.

Anyway, Syfy recently did an interview with James Cameron at the Santa Barbara Film Festival where the uber-director was being honored with the Modern Master Award and they discussed his post-Avatar future.  Among the possibilities are the oft-mentioned Battle Angel and the obligatory Avatar II: “We’re still figuring that out,” Cameron said. “I love Battle Angel. I’ve always loved Battle Angel, but a second Avatar
film is a possibility, and I’ve got a couple of other films that I’ve
developed over the last few years as well. So it’s all still up in the

Regarding a second Avatar, Cameron went on to say: “It was embedded in my original pitch to the studio that part of the
kind of business model for this is that we create all these digital
assets. We essentially create a world. It exists in hard drives when
you’re done with the movie. And you can re-create it very quickly. When
physical sets get struck, their value plummets from a $2 million set to
zero in one day. But our equivalent $2 million of development for a
digital set, it’s still there. So the idea was maybe we don’t make so
much money on the first film, but we make more on the second film.”

So while he’s still mulling over plans for his next project, he did say that it won’t be another 12 years before we see it on screens.  You can click over to Syfy for more from the King of the World.

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